Sweets workshop Valencia-Batake is located in Akizuno Garten.

HÖKeInside Agricultural Accommodation; Akizuno Garten
646-0001@4558-8 Kamiakizu Tanabe, Wakayama
Akizuno Garten Sweets Workshop; Valencia-Batake
TEL0739-35-1199 FAX0739-35-1192
Open: am11:00`pm4:00
If you cannot find Akizuno Garten on car navigation system, please search with (former) Kamiakizu elementary school.


West Nippon Expressway (Search Route and Price) The nearest IC is Nanki-Tanabe IC.
JR Odekake Net@The nearest station is Ki-Tanabe station.
(Kyoto/ Shin-Osaka/ Tennoji - Kii-Tanabe)
Ki-Tanabe Akizuno Garten@Ryu-jin Bus, Taxi
i`k@The nearest airport is Nanki-Shirahama Airport. iTokyo Haneda - Nanki-Shirahamaj

Detail Access Map

Please get off Hanwa highway at Nanki-Tanabe IC, drive through National Route 42 Tanabe bypass (elevated road), take second exit (Tanabe lamp) and get in Prefecture Route 29 to the direction of Ryujin / Koyasan (turn left). By going along a road, you will see the signboard of Akizuno Garten, so follow the direction. It takes about 7 to 8 minutes from Nanki-Tanabe IC.

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Illustration Access Map

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