Make a reservation for cake

o neighbors! We take a reservation over the phone.
For a birthday, a celebration, or a party!
alencia-Batake stuff will make a special cake for you after receiving the order.
We use a lot of fruits from local in season.
We are looking forward to receiving your order.
Please make a reservation at least a week ahead. 
Information we need when you reserve.
 Name  ››@››
 Address  ››@›› ‚P‚Q‚R|‚P
 Phone Number  ‚O‚X‚O|››››[››››
The Day you pick up the cake  day and time
 Kinds of Cake  1.Chocolate @2.Fresh Cream
 Size of Cake 12cm=\1,250 16cm=\2,400 18cm=2,900 21cm=\3,400 24cm=\4,000
(tax included)
 Message Plate
ex. Happy birthday, congratulation, Merry Christmas
Call for a Reservation 0739-35-1187