Sweets Workshop Valencia-Batake

We are selling sweets made from local fresh fruits such as citrus fruits, and you can also have experiences of making sweets (need a reservation.)
Where is it located?
Inside agricultural Accommodation Akizuno Garten
〒646-0001 4558-8 Kamiakizu Tanabe, Wakayama

Akizuno Garten Sweets Workshop Valencia-Batake

 TEL 0739-35-1187 FAX0739-35-1192
 Open:am 11:00〜pm 4:00
 Regular Holiday : on Tuesdays
(If Tuesday is a holiday, Wednesday on the same week will be off-day instead.)

Information & Topics

What’s Valencia-Batake?

The closest sweets shop to Mikan fields.
秋津野ガルテンの中庭 Kamiakizu where Valencia-Batake stands in is very prosperous region of mikan and orange cultivation. It is a rare region where mikan can harvest throughout a year. Our sweets workshop Valencia-Batake is the closest store to mikan fields. There are always many different kinds of fresh mikan and oranges, so it is the best environment for making sweets. We are waiting for you with a stock of Valencia-Batake original sweets. Also, there are sweets making experiences courses about 30 minutes to 90 minutes (minimum 5 persons, need a reservation.)
Great to eat! Sweets eating in the courtyard of Akizuno Garten makes it taste all the better.
Excellent to make! Making sweets in the old schoolhouse reminds you a home economics class.
Please visit here with your friends.

So fun! So beloved!

  There are a lot of people in Akizuno Garten in a year, and we hope that people feel and enjoy more here. And we are hoping that we could help people to know more about Akizuno.
Please visit us after having lunch in farmer’s restaurant; Mikan-Batake and/or farmer’s market; Kitera, or just visit us. We are waiting for you with sweets made from fresh fruits harvested in the country of Akizuno.
It is a small shop, but our dream is big!! We work dough every day, so please feel free to talk to us. We will try hard and make our region more energetic.
[Making sweets experience needs a reservation ahead. Please call us at 0739-35-1187]