Valencia-Batake’s Origin of the Name

◆No1. Producing Area in JapanValencia Orange is produced all over the word from long ago. And the most producing area in Japan is here in Kamiakizu. It used to be grown in Setouchi region before, too.
In May, the flower of Valencia orange blooms, and harvest time is July and August in the following year. It takes about 14 to 15 months on a tree to get ripe after blooming. In addition, without bagging a fruit one by one in the winter, regreening phenomenon (the color of skin return from orange to green) is happens, and ruins the taste. Growing Valencia orange requires a lot of work and takes a lot of troubles, so many farmers have stopped making it. However, farmers in Kamiakizu go to any expense to grow Valencia orange and deliver it all over Japan.
We would like to go to any expense like Valencia orange cultivation, so we name our store; Valencia-Batake.

Why are we making sweets in agricultural village?

 It is rare to have citrus fruits all year round, and Kamiakizu is a village which is possible for year-round harvest of citrus fruit.
Mikan cultivation has supported this village. Kumquat cultivation started in middle Meiji Era, and after war, mikan cultivation made Kamiakizu’s name widely known to all regions. In addition, in the end of Syowa era, Kisyu Nauko-ume cultivation also became popular. Among these environment, we think that sweets shop in the agricultural village is the best way to get fresh ingredients.

We are aiming local production for local consumption.

In Kamiakizu, there are farmer’s market; Kitera and mikan juice factory; Oren-chi juice club for local production for local consumption. And customers enjoy slow food made from local ingredients in farmer’s restaurant; Mikan-Batake in Akizuno Garten. Like the same way, we would like to make sweets with fresh local ingredients. It is a small shop, but we hope to contribute to the development of local agriculture.